Using Wells Fargo Secure Email

Use this Quick Reference Guide to read and reply to Secure Email from Wells Fargo.

What is Secure Email?

Secure Email protects all information within a message and encrypts attachments. That’s why Secure Email allows confidential information to be sent safely both within and outside Wells Fargo, protecting customer information.

A key feature of Secure Email is that it can only be viewed by the intended recipients, and cannot be forwarded by the recipients.

Do I need to install any software or plug-ins?

No software or plug-in is required for you to receive or reply to Secure Emails.  You must be connected to the internet to read a Secure Email from Wells Fargo.

How do I read a Secure Email?

You will receive Secure Emails from Wells Fargo in your regular email inbox.


Receiving a Secure Email for the first time

  1. Open the attachment enclosed in the Secure Email, and your web browser will launch.

Note:  Secure Email can be used with most internet browsers. For the optimal experience, use:

Internet Explorer (version 7, 8, or 9), Firefox (version 3.6 or 4.0) , Chrome, or Safari (version 4 or 5).

Open the attachment to read the Secure E-mail

  • Recipients must be connected to the internet to read secure E-mails.


  1. With most browsers, a warning message appears. 
    Click Open.

File name is: message_zdm.html

Click “Open”


  1. An Access Your Secure Email message will appear. 
    Click Continue.

Click to Read Message



  1. The first time you receive a Secure Email you will need to register your email address and create login credentials.

Create a password and select a reset question & answer

  • You can reset your password at any time


Password Requirements:

  • Six character minimum
  • At least one letter
  • At least one number


Click “Continue”


Creating login credentials

  1. Create your login credentials.
  1. Click Continue.
  1. Now you can read your Secure Email and open any attachments.

Open attachments

  • Attachments may be saved
  • To save a copy use your browser’s save function


Read your Secure Email

  • After authenticating, you can access any Secure Emails for 1 hour without re-entering your password, unless  you sign out



“Reply” or “Reply All”

  • A new browser window will open



Opening attached files

  1. To open attached files, click View next to the attachment. A new browser window will open.
  1. To save a copy of the attachment, click File, Save As, and choose a location.


How do I Reply to a Secure Email?

Click “Reply” or “Reply All” to open a new window where you can compose your reply.  You have one hour to compose and send your reply.  Your changes will be saved if the session times out.

Click “Choose File” to find a file then click “Attach”


Click “Send Secure”


Your reply must be less than 30MB, including attachments. Replies and all attachments are encrypted.


Receiving Secure Emails after the first time

Once you have registered and created login credentials, you’ll need your password to read future Secure Emails from Wells Fargo.



Click “Forgot Password?” to answer your password recovery question.



Click “Forgot your answer?” to reset your password.

  • You’ll receive an email with a link to reset your password.



Note: After authenticating, you can access multiple Secure Emails for up to one hour without re-entering your password, unless you sign out.


Can I forward a Secure Email?

For security reasons, Secure Emails cannot be forwarded and the To: and Cc: fields cannot be edited.

How do I access a copy of the Secure Emails that I send?

A copy of any Secure Email reply that you send is automatically sent to your email account. The subject line includes the text [Secure Email Copy].  Replies DO NOT appear in your Sent Items folder.


Can I initiate a Secure Email?

Since Voltage is an internal email service within Wells Fargo, you cannot initiate an email to send to associates. You can, however, reply to a secure email that you have received, and your reply will be secure.

You may also send a secure email to our advisors and/or associates through Access Online. Simply click on the Contact Us link from within Access Online, and you will be directed to a Secure Messaging Mailbox.

For more information on how to use Secure Messages through Access Online, visit the Wells Fargo Advisors How-To Page:



If you can’t open or read a Secure Email from Wells Fargo, try these troubleshooting tips:

Validate Your Login Credentials

Make sure the email address and the password to login match what you created the first time you received a Secure Email. These login credentials are unique and are not used to access any other Wells Fargo application.

Validate Your Internet Connection

You must have a live connection to the internet to open and read a Secure Email from Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo uses the internet to validate your login ID and password every time you open a Secure Email. If you are not connected to the internet:

  1. Establish a connection
  1. Try to open the attachment, message_zdm.html again.

Adjust Your HTTP 1.1 Settings

If you see a “Page Cannot Be Displayed” error message when attempting to open a Secure Email from Wells Fargo, your browser settings may need to be adjusted.

To make sure that HTTP 1.1 is enabled in Internet Explorer (both normal and proxy):

  1. On your internet browser menu, go to Tools > Internet Options and select the Advanced tab.
  1. Scroll down to HTTP 1.1 settings and ensure both boxes ARE CHECKED.

HTTP 1.1 Settings:

  • Both boxes should be checked


  1. Close all browser windows.
  1. Try to re-open the Secure Email message.


Clear Cookies and Temp Files

Clear Cookies and Temp files in your browser then try again to open the attachment message_zdm.html.

To clear Cookies and Temp files in Internet Explorer:

  1. On your internet browser menu, go to Tools > Internet Options and select the Delete Cookies and Delete Files.

Check Your Name Field

If you have entered your name in the Name field, but are still being prompted to complete this field:

  1. Check that you have not exceeded 50 characters and that you have not used the comma character.
  1. Remove any commas and ensure the total character count does not exceed 50.

Getting Help

For help while reading a Secure Email, click the Help icon in the upper right corner of the page.

Passwords and Account Resets

If you forget the answer to your password reset question, or if you get locked out while trying to open a Secure Email, follow the on screen instructions to reset your password.  If you are unable to reset your password call the Wells Fargo team member who sent the email to you. They will be able to get your Secure Email account reset.